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Create Your own unique composition with "Circle" shelves

All it takes is one piece of statement furniture and you could bring your living room to the next level. These delicately-crafted contemporary circle wall shelves are perfect for adding a little compelling style to your room.

Coming in 3 different sizes, you could either hang them alone or pair them together for a truly unique statement piece. Use them to display books, plants, or any other ornaments you like.

Covered with varnished oak veneer, these circle shelves are sure to turn your home into an awe-worthy space.


Rocking Hammock for Kid's

Everybody deserves a nice, comfy spot where they could kick back and relax - especially our kids! So, we created this rocking hammock that would allow the little ones to relax to the fullest.

Think an exquisitely crafted hammock with a curved wood frame that could lull even the fussiest sleeper into dreamland. Comfortable, relaxing, and blends in nicely with your home decor.

It’s a win-win.